About Us

Welcome to Healthy Beacon. We are Joy and Scott, two parents from Pitt Meadows, British Columbia who are making wellness and fitness a priority for ourselves and our family.

Healthy Beacon is not a self-help or how-to site. It’s a chronicle of the journey that we both have started in bringing a greater awareness of health and nutrition to our family, the steps we have taken toward our own fitness goals, and hopefully a place to meet others who would like to be part of this exploration. Our site is a collection of our running race reviews, our favorite fitness technology and mobile apps, our thoughts on parenting healthy kids and general musings on getting ourselves into better shape.

If you’d like to provide feedback on this site, or find out more details about the systems and products that have helped them, you can email Joy (joy@healthybeacon.ca) and Scott (scott@healthybeacon.ca), or follow Healthy Beacon on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram at @HealthyBeacon. You can also like us on Facebook, at facebook.com/HealthyBeacon.