Our 2015 Video Dance Party [Updated: 3/18/15]

My kids love to dance, half the time emulating moves they’ve seen before and half the time inventing a style all their own. I love sharing videos with them that gets them excited about music and dancing and am always looking for upbeat songs without explicit or super-suggestive lyrics that are appropriate for young ones. Here is our list of their current favorites.

1. [Updated 3/18/15] “Roar”, Katy Perry

Gotta include Katy Perry’s “Roar” on this list, mostly because it feels like a female-driven adventure movie and because she befriends wild animals. Although, to be honest, the kids more watch this one riveted than break out and dance moves.

2. “Weapon of Choice”, Fat Boy Slim

The kids never expected Christopher Walken to breakout into dance, tap on tables and fly through the hotel lobby, but his moves are really fun to imitate.

3. “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”, Hanson

Despite the fact that I wasn’t a ten-year-old girl in the nineties, I have to admit these guys can write a fun pop song. This homage to the Blues Brothers is full of high-energy crowd dancing scenes and backflips, with a healthy dose of Weird Al Yankovic on tambourine. Our kids both dance along to this song and pull out their own instruments to air band along.

4. “Shake It Off”, Taylor Swift

Not much to explain about one of the most popular songs and artists of the year. The video is a great mixture of dance styles and costumes, with a goofball attitude that’s fun for the kids to see.

5. “I Won’t Let You Down”, OK Go

Maybe not a dancing video per se, but no doubt some of the most specific choreography in recent memory. This is just one of the many OK Go offerings that gets my kids singing and dancing along, and the visuals are entrancing. Other OK Go honorable mentions include “White Knuckles”, “This Too Shall Pass”, the “The Writing’s On The Wall”.

What songs and videos get your kids grooving?

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2 Responses

  1. cyrus says:

    Wow had no idea that Walken could dance!! Our kids love K’naan’s Waving Flag. Not so much a dance video, but really makes you want to cheer!

    • Scott says:

      We’ll have to give that one a try on the kids. There may not be dancing, but they’ll be into it just for all the people playing soccer and the catchy tune.

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