Jamie Oliver is Watching YOU

A Finnish app development company has joined forces with British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to produceĀ YOU-app, a social iOS app designed to encourage healthier living through small changes in daily routine.

The developers don’t believe that a person seeking better health can overhaul their entire lifestyle in a day. YOU-app is designed to encourage users to take small manageable steps to wellness and to post photos of as evidence of their small successes.

We believe in micro-action. Change rarely just happens overnight. Your life is the sum of all those small actions you take every day, and every choice you make is significant. We want to empower you to make change happen – one action at a time.

I’ve downloaded the app and tried it out for a few days. The app suggests micro-actions on a variety of themes: food, exercise, mindfulness, and productivity. Each suggested action provides an opportunity to post a photo associated with your profile to show others the way that you’ve met their challenge. Surveying my options today, I can show proof of eating fruits and vegetables that are local and in season, share a photo of a loved one, share a particularly delicious meal, photograph myself performing ten squats, or share an image of the under-appreciated beauty in my current environment. For each action, you can see what others have posted and can follow other people who are inspiring you through their YOU-app photo stream.

YOU-app with Jamie Oliver screen capture

YOU-app with Jamie Oliver

Is this the tool that would ultimately propel me toward a healthier lifestyle? Probably not. Of all the ways I interact with social media, regular personal photo sharing is lowest on the list. And had it not been for the Jamie Oliver brand association, it may not even have piqued my interest. But the premise behind the app is one I’ve believed in for a long time.

Whether working toward personal fitness goals, developing a software app, or trying to write a short story, all projects take a significant number of small steps to achieve and everyone gets stuck. It’s valuable to have a means to connect with others that are working toward similar goals and to remember that being able to overcome a small obstacle on your path, a micro-action, is significant. When you stop trying to regularly take those small steps is when ambitions and aspirations start to evaporate.

If YOU-app can help others stay motivated and work toward micro-successes, I’m all for it.

Interested in trying out YOU-app for yourself? Download it from the iTunes App Store (an Android version is due out in spring 2015). You can follow us there @HealthyBeacon.

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