HerList – 5 Surprises From My First Half-Marathon

Joy at the Finish Line

Me at the Finish Line

This past Sunday, I completed my first half-marathon at the TRY EVENTS Vancouver Historic Half event, two laps of the Stanley Park Seawall. After a very wet week leading up to the event, Sunday morning was sunny and clear, but unusually cold (-6°C, 21°F). I had been training regularly for this event, running 3-4 times per week with a combination of distance (my longest being roughly 17 km), sprints, and hills. The morning of, I was fueled up: IsaLean shake in the morning, e+ Energy Shot ready to give me a pre-race boost. I also brought with me an MEC hydration backpack charged with Energenix, so I would have water with me while I ran.

But as with anything you attempt for the first time, I had a number of expectations of this race that were blown away by the actual experience. Here are the five that most stood out:

My Five Biggest Race-Day Surprises

  1. I like running two loops of a race course. When I’m on my second lap of the course, I know exactly what to expect in the last leg of the race.
  2. When the weather is below zero, if you don’t regularly bleed your hydration pack, your water will freeze in the tube of your water bladder. Crazy!!!
  3. Given my training building up to the event, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it felt to run the first 17 km but how hard it felt to run the last 4.1 km.
  4. As you round the last corner and pass the sign that reads “FINISH” with arrows pointing right, you end up running over a bridge and up a crazy hill at the end of the Vancouver Historic Half!
  5. Having always built a walk break (even 30 seconds at a time) into my longer runs, it felt so satisfying to have ran the whole half marathon without stopping!!!

No question I needed a sonic boost throughout the race. As an added bonus, here are the songs that kept my energy up throughout the race.

5 Songs That Got Me Through My First Half

1.  Sabotage – Beastie Boys
2.  Roar – Katy Perry
3.  Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
4.  Whyyawannabringmedown – Kelly Clarkson
5.  Poor Ol Broken Hearted Me – The Trews

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