Our Black Friday Distance Running Wish List

This weekend we will be both be running in the TRY EVENTS Vancouver Historic Half event at Stanley Park. Joy will be making this her first ever half-marathon and I will be running the 10k.

In honour of Black Friday, we wanted to put together a brief list of some of the items we’ll be looking for to help make our runs on Sunday — and those coming further in the future — safe and enjoyable.

Garmin Forerunner 10


Garmin Forerunner 10

At the moment, both Joy and I run with our iPhone 5s. We found really affordable (single digit price tag) neoprene armbands from Monoprice which offer us a great solution for getting our devices out of our pockets and keeping MapMyRun accessible to track our training.

Still, our app will only announce split times at the kilometer mark and Joy particularly wants to see her pace more regularly than that.

A contender for us is the Garmin Forerunner 10. Of the watches that offer more than just step counts and time (i.e. are GPS-enabled), this model looks both affordable and well reviewed. Regularly $130, Black Friday sales have the price down to $99 at a variety of vendors including Amazon.

Flashing Clip Lights


Nathan ClipLight

Although the official arrival of winter is still nearly a month away, the time shift for daylight savings has certainly impacted late afternoon and early evening runs. In our part of the world, dusk is as early as 4:30PM and visibility when running at night becomes a safety concern. Given our toddlers at home, the hour just after I get home from work has become one of the most convenient times to run, just as the sun is going down.

So we’re going to keep a look out for affordable and functional lights to clip to shoes and shirt collars, to make us extra visible for runs after hours. One of the options we’ve found is the ClipLight from Nathan Sports. With the versatility to clip to shoes or shirt collars, a couple of these could really help keep us visible on dark and drizzly nights in Greater Vancouver. At $10 each, they provide a pretty cheap solution with a coin style batteries that’s replaceable once the 100+ hours of flashing has expired.

Running Headlamps


Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

Somewhere in the unpacked boxes left over from our summer move, there remains a camping headlamp. To be honest, when I was gifted it years back, I didn’t really clue in to how useful it was and felt like a coal miner trying it on. For running at night, a headlamp would work wonders to illuminate sidewalks and trails and help prevent injury or — at the very least — soaking feet from unseen puddles.

Our local running shop carries Petzl products, and the Petzl Tikkina headlamp looks like an affordable entry model at just $17. It relies on AAA batteries for power.

For added features and sophistication, its big brother, the Petzl Tikka, is USB rechargeable. But it comes with a more sophisticated price tag too, at $80.

There are plenty of other Black Friday items we’re keeping our eyes on, both for ourselves, and for the kids. But these ones look like they are offering the most potential to help us meet our running goals this winter.

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