No Sugar Tonight (In My Coffee)

I came to realize that in addition to coffee being a bit of a ritual for me at home and in the office, it has also been a pretty significant sugar delivery vehicle. So since July, I have cut sugar out of my coffee drinking habit. Curious about the impact of such a change? I was.

2 tsp sugar x 3 cups of coffee x 6 days per week x 52 weeks = 1,872 tsps or 39 cups of sugar per year!

That’s disgusting. Need to see more numbers? Me, too.

1,872 tspĀ  of sugar in the raw x 15 calories per tsp = 28,080 extra calories per year from sweetening my coffee

So a simple change like that is removing as many calories from my diet as two weeks of pure fasting.

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  1. December 9, 2014

    […] have seen the first hand evidence of this awareness. As I discussed in a previous post, I eliminated sugar from my coffee earlier this year. The part I didn’t mention, and maybe […]

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