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On Oct 26, 2014, Josh York of posted his four fit tips to help entrepreneurs (really any business traveler) stay healthy on the road. His list is a pretty good one and includes a number of elements I have adopted in my own travels this past year of being more fitness aware. That said, there’s one extra item I would add to his list.

First, he recommends hotel room exercises that can substitute for a gym workout in a pinch — which I admit I’ve never done — and a suggestion to get plenty of sleep. Being a west-to-east traveler and usually still on Pacific Time on the first night of an east coast trip, this second one is always tough.

His two other list items are ones I have been practicing recently. One is to book a hotel with a fitness center and use it. I’ve done this on two of my recent trips to make sure I didn’t miss my run days while on the road and, though it’s incredibly tempting to skip them, it’s rewarding not to have used travel as an excuse.

The second is to pack for worst case situations, both in terms of fitness accessories and also nutritional supplements. Says Josh:

When I’m traveling to a new city and don’t know where I might find the food I rely on to stay healthy, I make sure to also pack my vitamins and supplements, as well as a few protein shakes.

This has become an important one for me of late. While I usually get to sit down to at least one decent meal while away, either with customers or work colleagues, again as a west-to-east traveler, the late night arrival, the morning of a big meeting, and the morning of departure can leave me with few nutritional options. I include a couple of packaged french vanilla and natural chocolate protein shakes, meal replacement bars, and a shaker in my luggage. In the absence of my personal blender at home, with a little hotel ice it gives me enough healthy sustenance to fill the void.

If I had one item to add to this list of healthy tips for business travelers, it would be:

5. Walk whenever you can

I admit, I’m fortunate to have traveled to cities like New York, Seoul, and London to support customers in the past six years. These are cities with beautiful and interesting neighborhoods to walk through and explore. I’m also not a constant business traveler, or one who continues to frequent the same destination with every flight. I travel at most quarterly and usually to a only handful of destinations globally. So for me, if ever I have an evening free before an early morning flight or a customer visit that lasts more than 24 hours, I make a point of taking extended walks to find places to eat and things to see, sometimes still wearing my dress shoes from the afternoon. In addition to the physical exercise walking provides, I find it to be a great way to decompress after a long day of client meetings and presentations and a way to absorb even a little of my destination city.

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